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This BuzzToys™ page is where we overview selected software prototypes developed by MSL in collaboration with our sponsors. Contact us for further information (including possibly trying out any prototypes not linked here for download).

MyroMagic™ for SysML Activity Models

MyroMagic is a prototype plugin for MagicDraw ® that enables an IPRE Scribbler to be driven by SysML activity models (via the Python-based Myro environment). We use this as a research testbed (e.g. in our model-based systems engineering (MBSE) work) and also as a learning aid in our SysML/MBSE courses (including academic semester courses and industry short courses).

Model Visualizer for SysML Parametrics Models

More information to come ... see examples included in our MBSE work in the meantime.

XaiTools™ for Composable Objects

This software framework has been licensed to InterCAX and productionized to form the basis for industrial-strength tools (see below). Publications and other information about XaiTools™ for composable objects (COBs) can be found on our old website (www.eislab.gatech.edu).

Commercialization Efforts

Some of our research and prototypes eventually become commercial products (and/or robust tools deployed for specialized production usage).

InterCAX, LLC (www.InterCAX.com) has licensed MSL technology and incorporated it into new products, including a SysML parametrics solver plugin called ParaMagic™ for MagicDraw ®, and an automated circuit board warpage simulation tool called XaiTools Electronics™.  Russell Peak, our MSL Director, is one of the co-founders of InterCAX LLC and serves as its CTO.  This commercialization work has been fostered by the VentureLab incubator program (www.venturelab.gatech.edu), which is sponsored by the State of Georgia via the Georgia Research Alliance (www.gra.org).