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About the MSL Website

Welcome to the Modeling & Simulation Lab (MSL) at Georgia Tech

MSL is affiliated with the Product & Systems Lifecycle Management Center (PSLM Center) and the Manufacturing Research Center (MARC). It is a spin-off of the Engineering Information Systems (EIS Lab), which was co-founded by Bob Fulton and Russell Peak circa 1995. EIS Lab effectively ceased operation in 2004 with the untimely passing of Prof. Fulton, and its remaining work has transitioned to MSL.

This website is a starter towards an MSL site (e.g., the menu items on the right are not yet populated). Over time we plan to archive the existing EIS Lab site and migrate recent and new work to this MSL site. Here is one new addition:

  • BuzzToys  - our research prototypes and more.

In the meantime, please see the following sites where selected publications and related resources from other recent MSL work are located:

Also be sure to visit www.InterCAX.com where MSL technology is being commercialized and incorporated into new products, including a SysML parametrics solver plugin called ParaMagic for MagicDraw ®, and an automated circuit board warpage simulation tool called XaiTools Electronics.